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Shackles around ankles was an open day, a chance to meet up, revolving around our permanent attempts for healing, healing from wars, crisis, pandemics, awkward human relations, global warming, summer fires, even side-matters, unfinished and unresolved.


“ a single flower is not enough for all donkeys”

an exhibition by Hussein Tarabai and May Kassem.

Fatima Barznge showed: “The Fabric of Memory”

Parralel program to the show of Fatima Barznge


Cune van Groeningen stayed as an artist in residence.

Sawangwongse Yawnghwe showed a body of works called 'Burma down the house'.

Balsam Abo Zour showed her body of work 'The'.

Alia Abu Khaddour 'drawings on paper'.

Andara Shastica showed her work 'Super Natural'.

Insane DJ gave a live DJ set at Modka and Camelot.

Rima Kcheich gave a concert with double bassist Tony Overwater and clarinet player Maarten Ornstein.

Mira Adoumier showed her work 'Errans'.


Jana Saleh hosted a live DJ and music evening.

Sarah Naqvi showed the performative work titled 'Aao Kabhi ghar Biriyani khaane' (Come home sometime, I shall cook you Biriyani).


Modca Beiroet
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