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 The Fabric of Memory 

...and a parralel program with Cynthia Zaven, Esther Kempf, Jad Saliba and Nassib's bakery


Saturday February 5th 12:00-17:00 PM

With Nassib's Bakery.


Sunday February 6th 12:00-17:00 PM

With a live radio performance of Jad Saliba  at 16:00 PM.

© “The Fabric of Memory” by Fatima Barznge

These are works on paper and on canvas whereby the artist “revisits the places, objects and atmospheres of a birthplace, cultural world and childhood to which return is impossible.” as Heleen Schröder writes.

© Cynthia Zaven, video still, “For Voice and Forest”, 2016, 2’13”

The video piece explores the spatial dimensions of sonic phenomena in a landscape by reflecting on the perception of distance, scale, and focus: from emergence to near-disappearance.

© Esther Kempf, “Fountain # 2”, photo documentation of work made in Georgia, Tbilisi for the Architecture Biennale.

At Modka Beiroet Esther Kempf will install a surprise work, to be discovered by the visitors, it could be a video, a gesture, an invisible sign.

© Nassib’s Bakery by Mounira Al Solh, at Documenta 14 in Kassel, 2017, installation view, the bakery as a memorial. 

Nassib’s Bakery is a project initiated by Mounira Al Solh, inspired by a bakery that was run by a team of people with special needs, and in which she worked as a child; the bakery was initiated by her father Nassib, as a continuation and in parallel to projects by his mother who dedicated her life for starting a school for people with special needs in Lebanon. Unfortunately after a short time of success, the bakery got destroyed by bombing during the Lebanese Civil War. As an homage to this bakery, the project re-creates moments were baking and cooking takes place, and conviviality is at stake. In this iteration of the work, bread will be less important and side-dishes will be cooked, facilitating a collaboration with the ONE AND ONLY storyteller and cook Merijn Tol who made the book “Beiroet” with outstanding recipes from Lebanon. Tol is invited to cook with the artist, and with the Modka team including Rosa van Goudoever, and with fantastic neighbour and cook Lonneke Oosterbaan, along with guest singer and friend Rogine Hassan. The first iteration of the bakery was enabled during Documenta 14, and lead by guest cook/baker, Sitt Mona el Dor, known as Um Ali in Beirut, who came to Germany to activate the bakery with Mounira Al Solh and both their families in 2017.

Modca Beiroet
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