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Super Natural

Through the notions of ‘ghost’ and ‘haunting’, Super Natural shows a collective reflection about absence, memories, historical disconnection and the embodying of spaces in the diaspora. In the film, the artist and her friends from the Indonesian diaspora share their ghost stories in Germany, discuss whether ghosts exist there and what this storytelling means for them. Super Natural is a ghost story itself. It seeks to evoke a counter-narrative, a non-alienating language to speak of everyday experiences, through the attempt of haunting the park where the film is shot.


Andara Shastika (or Shasti) is an artist and organizer based in Kassel and working with performance and digital media. Her practice is characterized by time-based multi-medial production, conceptual prompts, thinking with voices, and digital distortions.

Her current research explores language as a potential site of vengeance and curses, diabolical and monstrous vocal technology, the enactment of the ghostly and the feminine grotesque and ghost-storytelling as a technology of mediation. Shasti studied Visual Arts in the Kunsthochschule Kassel, where she is now doing the postgradual program Graduate School for Moving Image. She is part of the Kassel-based collective TERRARISTA TV and working in the Hochschule Düsseldorf as Artistic Assistant of Prof. Dr. Swantje Lichtenstein and Prof. Maria Schleiner for the research project “ComArts”.

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