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Live music and DJ set

This event consisted of a live DJ and music evening by Jana Saleh in which it was about clarifying the distances created by exile and pandemics. While we had a limited yet highly engaged number of visitors to this event, we streamed it via zoom and social media. We had participants joining from all over the world to listen to Jana and to party and dance together.

Date: 19th of June, 19:30hr.

Lebanese musician and composer Jana Saleh has a BA in film scoring and music synthesis from Berklee College of Music. She spent 10 years in New York exploring various music scenes touring North America as an electro acoustic duo with her long time collaborator and C-sound pioneer Dr. Richard Boulanger, to reggae and dancehall music and heading the new media department in the number one reggae and dancehall label, VP Records. Jana moved back to Beirut in 2009 to open her own production house dedicated to local artist development; with the emphasis on alternative pop artists working with Arabic music. Jana is also an active DJ in the Beirut scene, with more than a thousand parties played thus far.

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