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Weavings/ Healings by Al Amal Institute and the Welfare Wheat Program participants in collaboration with Nadia Kharrat and M Al Solh


Shackles around ankles

“Shackles Around Ankles” was an open day, a chance to meet up, revolving around our permanent attempts for healing, healing from wars, crisis, pandemics, awkward human relations, global warming, summer fires, even side-matters, unfinished and unresolved. 

Our healing is guided by actually not healing, and we ask ourselves, shall healing be a permanent cycle, or an exercise for daily rehabilitation? 

Date: 06 August from 5:00 to 8:00 PM 

Location: Broumana, Al Amal Institute for Persons with Specific Needs, Lebanon

The program included presentations by:
Karine Wehbé in collaboration with Reem Taha and their work in progress titled “Shackles Around Ankles” from which we borrowed our open day’s main title.


Fernando Wanderley gave his live performance titled “(My) God is a Clown”.


A group of enthusiastic persons with specific needs, residing at Al Amal Institute, will be present a short theatre piece guided by Chadia Maksad.


Nadia Kharrat was working with residents of Al Amal Institute, along with Peter Haddad and Mounira Al Solh, creating paintings from left-over materials, and works on paper.


Videos were also on view, such as “For Voice and Forest” by Cynthia Zaven, which we have shown previously in our Zutphen space, and like to highlight it in the context of this exhibition again. 


Nassib’s Bakery: We were hosting Zahraa Salman, daughter of the acclaimed Um Ali, for baking Manouches’ on Saj, and she used ingredients made by farmers working with the Welfare & Wheat Relief Program.

Music:To end the night, DJ by Jana Saleh and Peter Haddad

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