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a single flower will not be enough for all the donkeys


Saturday April 23th 12:00-17:00 PM

With food of Ali Ibrahim / Nassib's Bakery.


Sunday April 24th from 12:00 PM

With food of Ali Ibrahim / Nassib's Bakery.

With a performance of Jazz in Schaapskleren at 16:30 PM.

© Hussein Tarabai - ink on newspaper

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Hussein Tarabai’s friend, a poet who once said “ a single flower is not enough for all donkeys”, and the exhibition is driven by the works of Hussein Tarabai, combining ink on newspaper, collages and paint on canvas, whilst thinking about personnal challenges and inabilities to cope with, a few existentialist matters, under the excuse of flowers, hungry donkeys, post packages, and Arabic calligraphy.

May Kassem.png

© May Kassem- “Nourhane, a child’s dream” film still - Duration: 72 minutes Production Year: 2016 / Commercial Release: 2019- Lebanon

Parallel to those works, May Kassem will be showing her film “Nourhane, a child's dream”. Nourhane was a singer and actress in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, in the Arab world. 
She put a sudden end to her career and retreated away from the stage in the mid-60s. From that point on, she never spoke about her past, nor did she sing. 
She is the grandmother of May, whom at the age of 21 only, discovers her grandmother's past. From that point on, she is on a quest to find out as much as possible about her grandmother's career and life, and particularly about why her grandmother left a career at its height. 
Layers of stories emerge through interviews, voice-overs, drawings, and animated sequences in a film centered around passion, and love.

We are also hosting as part of the activation of “Nassib’s Bakery”, Ali Ibrahim, a Syrian passionate musician and cook, who has been living for the past ten years in Ukraine, and sadly had to leave recently his home in Kyiv. He will prepare Ukrainian Borscht, and his favourite Ukrainian meat dishes next to Humus. In this way, he will be sharing his stories with us on April 23 and 24.

On Sunday 24 April at 16:30, next to the exhibition and the food, we will have a live band, the Zutphen based Jazz in Schaapskleren with Frank van Velthoven, Jakko Smit and Niek Hietbrink.

Modca Beiroet
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